Snark SM1 Metronome


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Snark SM1 Metronome

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Snark SM1 is the world’s first touch screen metronome. Easy to use, portable and loud.

Featuring 6 fun and unique sounds including wood block, hand clap, cowbell, cricket chirp, dog bark and snare, the Snark SM1 also comes complete with 15 different rhythms, a tap tempo function, easy to use play and pause feature plus an extra loud speaker with variable volume. The Snark SM1 is adjustable from 40 to 250 beats per minute and also comes with a convenient headphone output jack.

The SM1 has been specifically designed to combat common deficiencies of regular metronomes and similar products. Many metronome smart phones apps are just not loud enough as well as being too complicated and can be interrupted by phone calls and text messages. The SM1 also fills the gap for a convenient sized metronome that offers alternative sounds and registers to cut through the sound of your instrument.

The Snark SM1 touch screen metronome is the perfect combination of cutting edge technology, convenience and portability. It is the next BIG little metronome!


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