Earplugs 2.1


  • Durable foam earplug with high-end filter
  • Natural balanced sound technology
  • Large membrane filter (no tube filter!)
  • Includes cord with unique full block (28 db) option
  • Minimizing occlusion effect
  • Ergonomic one size fit
  • Ventilates for optimum comfort, no irritation
  • Patent pending acoustic filter
  • Delivered in resealable bag
  • Filter is water / sweat proof
  • CE & ANSI certified
  • Designed, made & acoustically tested in the Netherlands

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Earplugs 2.1

EARPLUGS 2.1 are a new step in offering sound experience, comfort and protection at the same time. It’s integrated patent pending fully ventilated acoustic filter – allows you to enjoy making and experiencing music all day! All EARPLUGS 2.1 come with an unique cord with full block option! It allows you to switch from being protected (SNR 18dB), to not protected to a total full block protection (SNR 28 dB) in no time. This without having the chance of losing the earplugs!

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