TruTone Pocket Pad


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Tru Tone Pocket Pad

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It fits in your pocket!

With a diameter of just 14cm (or little over 5 inches), this pad is designed to fit in your pocket,  Sporran or stick bag!

It may be the lightest pad in the world!

The Pocket Pad weighs less than 130 grams… So it won’t weigh down your school bag or luggage, let alone break your back! 

Sticky bottom

Being light and small, you might expect this pad to jump around on the table… But the low surface energy foam on the bottom actually sticks to a flat table with pressure… So the harder you hit it the more it sticks! 

Crisp Tru Tone

The Pocket Pad keeps the same top surface as used on all Tru-Tone pads… so it maintains the same crisp drum head feel and sound we love! 

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