TruTone Duo Drum Pad


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TruTone Duo Drum Pad

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Two pads in one!

The Tru Tone Duo is a multi surface pad that provides a crisp drumhead on one side and a quieter more traditional rubber on the other! 

Flip and Play!

No need to carry multiple surfaces to switch heads, change sounds or what not… Just flip the pad over and play for an immediate change in feel and sound! 

Switch it Up!

Use the Rubber side to work your rudiments at a quiet volume. Then switch to the Drumhead for a louder more articulate sound. .. Ideal for honing in on your solo preparation and band scores!

Tighter Quicker

The mylar-like drumhead side of this pad is sharp and more like a snare drum than traditional pads.

The surface is loud, crisp, bright and clear and it keeps the corp honest – there is no hiding.

The sharpness makes everyone wake up and focus. This increases productivity and as such, the transfer time from pad to drum is MUCH shorter because everyone gets TIGHTER QUICKER!

Light and Slim

At 500 grams and 8 inches (or 21cm) in diameter, it’s light to carry and fits neatly in your carry bag.

Ideal for the young drummer traveling to and from School or Band practices!

This is a dream pad for tutors and leaders alike.

Teach rudiments, phrases and drum scores on the rubber side, its quieter, so you don’t have to raise your voice over the volume when directing the class or corp.

Encourage and aid your students listening skills by playing on the drum head side whilst the corp play the rubber side… This way they are forced to hear you more than themselves and over time they become comfortable playing at lighter volumes and listening in toward the lead drummer more often than not!

And… When the class (or corp) is ready, simply turn the pads over to work on dynamics, articulation and of course, tighten up in readiness for transfer to the drums!

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