Canmore® Hybrid 4 Collar Zip Pipe Bag


Small – 9 ½” x 26 ¼”
Extended Small – 9 ½” x 27 ¼”
Medium – 10 ¼” x 27 ¼”
Extended Medium – 10 ¼” x 28 ¼”
Large – 11” x 28 ¼”

The CANMORE® Pipe Bag is guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, provided proof of purchase is available or, alternatively, 2 years from the date of manufacture stamped on the bag.

In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect in the pipe bag, it should be returned to:

  • Canmore Pipe Bags Ltd (for European Union customers)
  • The original seller (for customers outside the European Union)

Excluded from the guarantee are normal signs of wear and tear or damage caused by inappropriate use or incorrect methods of care or fitting.

This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights and does not affect this in any way.

For this guarantee to be valid the bag must be within 2 years of the manufacturing date (stamped inside the bag), or alternatively, for pipe bags outside this period but within the two years since date of purchase, proof of purchase is required.


CANMORE® HYBRID 4 Collar Zip Pipe Bag

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Brand new addition to the Canmore® product range, our innovative new bag has been created by combining our technically advanced fabric which is based on a specially developed GORE-TEX® membrane with natural hide.

Suitable for all Highland Bagpipes.

The new bag is compatible with most moisture control systems.

The bag is supplied with the following:
4 collars and fitted with a TIZIP allowing access to fit the drone stocks and if you wish to fit any moisture control systems, ‘O’ ring, Jubilee clip and bonding tape for the stocks.

Also included is a 2 year guarantee and fitting instructions card.

Available in the following sizes:

Small: Depth 230mm x Length 625mm
Extended Small: Depth 245mm x Length 665mm
Medium: Depth 280mm x Length 685mm
Large: Depth 295mm x Length 710mm

The features offered by the CANMORE® pipe bag include:
The new construction creates an innovative solution for the piper by providing a bag with the weight and feel of a traditional hide bag, whilst maintaining the original properties of the CANMORE® Pipe Bag such as:

  • Maintenance Free – no seasoning necessary
  • Naturally supple
  • Pick up and play anytime
  • Longer more hygienic bag life
  • Ease of assembly (no tying in necessary)

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