Evans Pipe Band Snare Head



Evans Pipe Band Snare Head

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The eagerly awaited Pipe Band Snare Head from Evans.

Debut for the Evans Pipe Band Snare Head at the British Pipe Band Championship at Paisley, Scotland 20/05/2017 with a winning performance from the current grade 1 World Pipe Band Drum Corps Champions, St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band from Dublin, Ireland.

Evans is breaking into pipe band drumming with a brand new, high tension snare head.  This new drumhead was designed in collaboration with Stephen Creighton and his championship winning corps, the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band. Pipe band snare drummers require an extremely bright and articulate sound and often have to push the limits in terms of pitch and tension on their snare to get those sounds.  The Evans Pipe Band Snare Batter is a new option that gives drummers the confidence to push their heads to the limits and achieve the tone and pitch required for a championship winning corps.
Previously, Pipe Band drummers had to choose between a head that offered a bright and articulate sound for solo performances and a heavier head for more projection in outdoor settings. The Evans Pipe Band Snare batter offers the best of both worlds which drummers can appreciate on and off the green.
This drumhead will be available for 14” Pipe Band Snares in both standard (for Andante and Pearl
drums) and oversized (Premier) drum variations.

  • Thin top laminate for increased sensitivity
  • Tightly woven fabric for strength and durability
  • Settles at performance pitch immediately (does not require long break-in)
  • Built-in UV-inhibitor for defense against harmful sunrays
  • 14” Pipe Band Snare Batter Oversized PB-SB1A (PREMIER)
  • 14” Pipe Band Snare Batter Standard PB-SB1B (ANDANTE/PEARL)

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