Inked By Evans – Custom Printed Drum Heads

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Inked By Evans – Custom Printed Drum Heads

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Custom design printed directly on to the drum head with no change to the sound projection or the stability of the head. Maintaining Evans™ MX™ resonant quality.

Evans™ MX™ Marching Bass 1-Ply series includes a unique tone damping system that can be manipulated by applying individual felt arcs (included) to enhance articulation and focus low-end for both indoor and outdoor marching. Enabling the player the ability to adjust the resonant qualities of the head.

We offer a full professional design service from our highly skilled graphic designer, Included in Quote.

You can also submit your own artwork which we will submit to Evans™ on your behalf, Alternatively you can visit the Inked by Evans website where you can submit your own design. If you choose to use this method please follow the online procedure. You will be guided step by step. Choose the ” Custom Marching Bass Heads ” option.

Once you have submitted and confirmed your design, you will receive a UNIQUE REFERENCE NUMBER via email. This is your proof of order. Please then email this directly to you can visit to design your Bass Head.

EXAMPLE – You will receive a message upon submission of your design similar to this:

Please allow approximately 90 days for your shipment to arrive.
Delivery times may vary depending on your country.


Reference #: 84126
Email Address:


Item Number: INK28MX1CUSTOM
Quantity: 2

We will them send you an email containing your billing information. If any adjustments to your design are required, we will notify you of this and await your confirmation. This may include additional cost for any other work undertaken during the design process.


Heads are available in 26″, 28″, 30″ & 32″


Please ensure you submit your design in line with the required specifications.