Kelt Black Cane Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds


Vibrant long tongue Reeds with the Quality Natural Sound of Cane Reeds!

Designed by renowned Northern Irish Piper Mark Faloon to closely recreate the harmonics of traditional cane drone reeds. Minimal set up required. The Kelt Carbon Fibre reed provides stability with super projection. Providing the player with the characteristics of cane . They are extremely air efficient with a reliable and easy strike-in.

Precision engineered bagpipe drone reeds, made from moisture resistant materials.

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Pipe Major Richard Parkes MBE (Field Marshall Montgomery)

“I have played all of the synthetic reeds available. Over the last several weeks I have been using Kelt drone reeds (by Mark Faloon and James Knox). They produce a rich sound, great stability, air efficiency and a tone indistinguishable from quality cane. A bonus feature is the complete ease of strike-in. Simply blowing into the pipe brings the drones up without fail.”

Pipe Major Bill Livingstone (Ontario – Canada)

“As a pipe major I had been on the lookout for a more stable and cane like drone reed without the difficulties of actual cane. A drone that would also not have a plastic sound on the strike in. A reed that would perform in many varieties of weather that we experience in Northern Ireland and Scotland and most of all a sound that adjudicators would enjoy.

And in Kelt Reeds I have found all these qualities.

After the initial set up of the reed’s they tend to be Hassel free and a joy to play, and would highly recommend them.
I am currently playing them for the second competition season as is almost all of the band with its large variety of makes of pipes.”


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