Strategies for Learning and Memorising New Tunes Book 2



Strategies for Learning and Memorising New Tunes

(Jumping Musical Hurdles Book 2)

Memorising is the fastest way to learn any new tune.Playing in a pipe band or in solo competitions depends upon your ability to learn and memorise music. For some of you this may mean learning and memorising many new tunes each year. This is not just about “kind of” memorising your music, but engraving it into your brain such that you can confidently perform it at the very times you need it, without fear or anxiety of forgetting.As you will come to understand, there is no logic in separating the processes of learning a new tune and memorising it. Memorising and learning should rightly be integrated into one process. Separating these processes means at least twice the time invested and as you’ll learn that, separation makes memorising the tune much more challenging. Every worthwhile piece of music should be memorised right from the start.In this book you will learn the strategies to synchronously learn and memorise new tunes.

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