Trap Dri Moisture Control



Trap Dri Moisture Control

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The Trap Dri moisture control trap has been developed to prevent excess water escaping from your water trap and saturating your pipe bag by capturing and retaining moisture in the tube to be emptied.

The Trap Dri unit is fitted to your existing water trap tube and does not require a zip bag as it can slip through almost any split stock.

The trap works by collecting water which condenses inside your water trap tube and locks it inside the Trap Dri. Using a unique combination of air pressure and water flow to draw the water into the Trap Dri unit the water then becomes trapped and can’t make its way to the end of your tube where it can escape through the holes, resulting in better bagpipe performance.

Using Trap Dri will prolong the longevity of your sheepskin or other animal skin bag by making a significant reduction on the amount of water your bag has to absorb. It is virtually maintenance free. Simply remove every few weeks to clean.

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