MK Kelpie Low D Whistle


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MK Kelpie – Low D Whistle

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  • Curved and chamfered airway stops blocking
  • Solid “take anywhere” one-piece construction
  • Same craftsmanship as on all MK whistles
  • Tapered airway creates the right balance of back pressure and air requirement


Represents one of the best value high quality musical instruments in the world. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn some of your favourite tunes, a traveller looking to play some music as you go, or a session musician looking for second instrument that’ll always survive a wild pub session (even if you don’t) then look no further.

It’s the same fantastic craftsmanship, with playability that’s balanced to make the instrument as accessible as possible. At this price it sets a new high water mark, and of course it comes with the MK Guarantee.

Undoubtedly many players’ favourite key, the MK Low F strikes a superb balance between the full-bodied tone of its bigger brothers and the playability of the higher whistles. It is often on solid ground in jazz keys.

Comfortable in:
D, G, A mod (A with Gnat), Am, Em, C

At a push:

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